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The price of the offer is independent of the possible service, it is usually a fixed price. This is not a deposit on the price to be paid, nor is it an amount that can be automatically refunded. However, if you accept the offer, it is customary for the professional to calculate the price of the offer on the total price to be paid for his service. Once the estimate is made, the question of its binding power arises. It all depends on the situation. Another example, in terms of moving, the offer will take into account the specific characteristics of the move, such as the specific precautions inherent in the furniture, the volume of goods to be transported or the distance from the move. There are many accounting and invoicing software that allow you to create your quotes automatically. Know that you are perfectly capable of writing your own quotes. If you accept the offer during an „off-premises sale” (solicitation at your home), even if you call the professional to come to your home, the rules of this mode of sale apply. Thus, the contract is subject to special formal rules. You have a right of withdrawal, which allows you to reconsider your obligation within 14 days from the day after the signature of the offer (Article L. 221-18 of the Consumer Code). This period is counted in calendar days.

The offer is not a contract, but a unilateral obligation that becomes a contract only when the offer has been signed by both parties, hence the importance of mandatory information. Although it is not mandatory, the offer can sometimes be useful for complex, tailor-made or personalized services. When a customer requests an offer, the provider is obliged to make him a personalized offer. ● Date (or deadline) and address of the delivery or place of service ● Terms of payment (bank transfer, check…) ● Terms of payment and, if applicable, instalments ● Penalties for late payment ● Period of validity of the offer ● Your signature The request for offer does not bind the customer. First of all, the offer has a purely informative role and is very useful for price comparison. However, it can act as a contract when signed by the customer. A signature with the note „good for agreement” means that the customer has accepted the sale, which it is no longer possible to return. Except in a few situations that are explained here. To avoid disputes, find out about the paid or free nature of the offer and any travel expenses before making your request. The offer is a descriptive and detailed sheet, step by step, of all the different services provided by a professional. The most important point concerns the detailed description of the estimate, that is, the list of quantities of materials used for construction work, as well as for renovation, maintenance and maintenance.

It must also include the necessary work, the fixed total prices. After signing, termination of an offer is not possible. It has the same legal value as a contract, valid and legal. As for work, the offer is a contract offer from the professional. As such, he engages this professional in terms of scope of work, cost, but also in terms of deadlines. The potential client is in no way obliged to entrust the execution of the work to the professional. The quotation binds him only from the moment he signed at the end of the quotation with the mention „good for the work”. On the other hand, independent entrepreneurs develop free of charge on the basis of VAT.

You don`t have to worry about this aspect when writing your quote. The offer is a detailed description of the different services provided by a professional. It must contain a list of all the services offered and be drawn up in duplicate, each party keeping a copy. Before each execution of the order, sign a written contract (e.B. offer, contract, order) to ensure payment, with an oral contract that is difficult to prove. Before proceeding with the purchase of a product or service, the customer must be informed of the price. Thus, he will be able to compare and make his decision with full knowledge of the facts, thanks to a detailed quote, which will then serve as a contract offer. However, it is contractually agreed only from the moment it is signed by the customer.

Until that moment, the quote is an obligation. It becomes a contract when it has been signed. Good to know: The validity period of the offer is determined by the supplier, but how long does it take for an offer to be signed? An offer lasts 3 years. Offer validity period: What is the expiry date? There may also be a time limit. The supplier offers a limited offer in time. At the end of this period, the offer must be modified. On a professional level, the offer is a contract proposal. If the customer decides to sign it, he is obliged to provide his service. The validity period of an offer is usually 3 months. Is the preparation of an offer mandatory? What is the content? Is there a fee? Does that oblige you? What remedies are available in the event of a dispute relating to its implementation? But it is still necessary to first define the concept of the quote itself. The offer is basically optionalThe offer is basically optional. But let us remember the principle according to which the merchant must inform you about the prices charged, whether you ask for it or not, in particular by visibly displaying the price of his services in his professional premises.

And „if, due to the nature of the goods or services, the price cannot reasonably be calculated in advance, the professional provides the method of calculating the price” (Article L. 112-3 of the Consumer Code). > For more information, see the INC Pricing Information file. This is called the duty to inform. Article 3 of the Decree of 2 March 1990 on the publication of prices for services in the construction sector provides that an offer must contain: for the services of removal companies, the estimate must also include an indication of the volume of furniture and the type of trip planned (organized or special). When the entrepreneur sends an offer to a potential customer, he undertakes to provide the goods and / or services indicated at the price and conditions indicated in this offer. The offer must contain the number of the claimant`s declaration or approval. A classic service will be the subject of an offer that can only be summarized and little personalized. For example, the offer of sanitary work is created by implicit reference to the identical services usually provided by the provider. The Civil Code determines the nature of contractual obligations by articles 1779, 1787 et seq. Note that the offer is mandatory for certain activities.

The price does not have to be fixed at the time of conclusion of the contract. In fact, this can only be determined. In this sense, although it is the essence of the offer to determine the cost of the service, the latter may seem more or less precise. Specifically, the accuracy of the price depends on the degree of precision of the desired service. If the service is completely clear and defined, its price can also be accurately evaluated in a so-called estimate. .



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