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When you contact Vodacom Customer Service, you must not provide a Vodacom representative with the full card number or expiration date, CVV and/or bank PIN. Skip the line! Read our online frequently asked questions to get the help you need to manage your account. You can use our service to make payments for goods and services purchased through our digital channels. For administration and transaction purposes, VPS collects and uses personal data, i.e. the name, card number, expiry date and CVV of the cardholder. In this way, VPS: Your bank`s card, account, and online banking terms will not change and will continue to apply to every transaction. Vodacom Payment Gateway has no control over or assumes no responsibility for the delivery, quality, use or any other aspect of the products or services paid for for the use of this service. Vodacom Payment Gateway is only the payment method and all other forms of liability with regard to products or services paid for for the use of this service are expressly excluded. Want to know how to pay your Vodacom account in cash? All the information you need can be found on your invoice.

Just in case you don`t have it on hand, here are the simple steps you need to follow, as well as a few options. It is your responsibility to immediately notify your bank in the event of a breach of the security of your credit card or account for the card used on any of our online channels. If your phone is not convenient, you can access My Vodacom on the Vodacom website to access your account details. Log in and go to Bill. Your account number will appear at the top of one of the billing options. View important account information before logging in. There are many ways to find your Vodacom account number without calling the call center. If you have any questions about card transactions made on a Vodacom channel, you can contact Vodacom on 082 135 or [email protected]. You are responsible for all transactions that you authorize. If you allow others to use your card, you are responsible for all transactions they authorize.

VPS is not responsible for claims if payments have been made by unauthorized persons with your mobile phone or card. Terms of use of the Vodacom Payment Gateway service for the payment of goods and services purchased on Vodacom`s digital channel By using this payment service, you agree to the following terms and conditions of this service. Most banks have Vodacom pre-installed as a beneficiary on their online banking systems. Log in to your online banking service and select Vodacom (Pty) Ltd as the beneficiary. Again, make sure your details are correct, especially your Vodacom account number. Enter it exactly as it appears on your bank statement, with the slashes and the last digit (e.B. N001245-6) Only service providers registered with EasyPay or [email protected] are enabled for payment by payment on account, i.e. invoices with which an EasyPay number or [email protected] is linked. It is your sole responsibility to confirm the invoice details prior to any payment. Vodacom will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result of incorrect information provided by you, including but not limited to: incorrect mobile phone number, invoice/account number or incorrect amount. App StoreConnect your Vodacom account to pay for integrated, unique or subscription services in one of these app stores The easiest way to manage your account is to download the free My Vodacom app.

You can manage your account on your phone. You can check your balances and purchase data, SMS and MMS plans from your phone 24/7. Transfer airtime or data packets to your family and friends. Activate your eBilling and easily view and exchange topics of conversation. Find out your next upgrade date, PUK number and find a Vodacom point of sale near you. Vodacom will endeavor to facilitate the payment of your invoice within a reasonable time. Vodacom can in no way guarantee a processing time, as it uses third parties for the processing and booking of payments by service providers. Please contact the service provider for assistance if you find that your invoice is not updated within the normal time frame. – Manage your account- Update your details- View balances and buy packages You can pay at any branch of Standard Bank, ABSA, ETF or Nedbank.

Just go to the counter. Make sure that your name and account number on the payment form are clear and correct so that Vodacom can properly map your payment. You will remain a customer of the Service Provider at all times, under no circumstances will Vodacom contact the Service Provider on your behalf, including but not limited to obtaining information relating to your account number/counter or request a change to your account details. There are several ways to pay your Vodacom account – including the old-fashioned way, with cold and hard money. The MyVodacom app is your point of contact for everything vodacom- It`s packed with great features and information you need, including your account number. On the Home screen, click the menu at the top left and select My Account. Go to Account Details and click More Details. Your account number is located in the middle of the screen, along with other useful information such as your PUK number and upgrade date. In addition to the above terms and conditions, the relevant terms and conditions for your payment transaction are Vodacom Payment Gateway and VodaPay; and your bank`s terms and conditions that are relevant to the use of your debit or credit card apply. Display your PUK number in the app – saves the day you accidentally block your phone. Hand over the bank to process payment for your purchased goods/services. VPS and all its affiliates are committed to respecting the confidentiality of your personal information.

To demonstrate its commitment, VPS has created this Security and Privacy Statement to communicate its intent, provide effective processes for the proper handling of such private information, and comply with applicable laws governing the authentication, protection, and disclosure of personal information. LifestyleFor the latest news from celebrities, gossip, fitness and beauty tips. Do you need to manage or unsubscribe from WASP, Add-to-Bill or V-Live content services? Here are the ways you can do it. View previously purchased airtime, data, SMS, and MMS plans. These General Terms and Conditions do not prevail, cancel or adapt in any way whatsoever the conditions concluded between the Client, the Bank and/or the Service Provider. SportsPlay up to date with the latest news and test your skills as a Fantasy League football coach – prizes to be won Most banks offer this option. Simply select Vodacom (Pty) Ltd from the list of beneficiaries. MusicMusicMusic that is so loud that your grandmother will turn off the movements. The quick and easy way to pay for the entertainment you love The easiest way to pay for games, subscriptions and more from Xbox and Microsoft. VPS reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions if VPS deems it necessary or is required to do so by law.

You will be notified by SMS when changes are made, but if the changes are required by law or concern the addition of a new service, additional features to the existing service or any other change that does not limit your rights or increase your obligations, they will take effect immediately and will be made without notice Changes to this security and privacy policy VPS reserves the right to: Modify or modify this security. and Privacy Policy at any time in response to new data protection laws. . These Terms and Conditions, as amended by us from time to time in accordance with clause 4.1, constitute the sole agreement between you and Vodacom Payments Services. . Vodacom does not charge a service fee for the payment of your bill on this platform. However, the bank charges associated with this transaction will apply. The bill payment only presents the billing details provided by the service provider and it is your responsibility to contact your service provider directly if you have any questions about the details provided. Invoice payment is NOT an invoice presentation facility and therefore displays the amount due. This amount cannot be changed.

It`s quick and easy to sign up for My Vodacom. Your login information works on our website, our Mobi website and our app. Only 3D Secure compatible cards can be used on the platform. We may limit the frequency or amount of your card transactions. We may also block a card to be used on our gateway at any time without notice. WhatsApp chat with TOBi on 082 009 8624 or SMS 082 009 4975 These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of South Africa and you shall submit to the jurisdiction of the South African courts. . Will Vodacom Payments Services disclose my personal information? Vodacom reserves the right to modify or extend these Terms and Conditions. What about the security of my personal data? VPS has implemented technologies, policies and processes to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your personal information. We will continue to update and refine these measures.

VPS will maintain payment card industry (PCI) compliance and, as such, VPS will be responsible for the secure storage, processing and transmission of card data in accordance with PCI compliance standards. VPS will never share or transfer your plain text card data between systems. The card data is always encrypted. All applicable fees and charges that apply to your card will also apply if you use the gateway to pay for your purchases. Get tips, tricks and practical solutions for your most common Vodacom problems on Vodacom now! Just go to the How to do with Vodacom category to get the answers you are looking for. Bill payment is a service provided by Vodacom that allows Vodacom and non-Vodacom customers to pay invoices to third-party service providers or products („Service Providers”) through Vodacom channels. .



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